Wholesome Ingredients. Naturally Sourced Flavors. Prepared in Small Batches.
Experience True Indulgence

Gourmet Chocolates Made Daily, Delivered Fresh

We have the perfect treat for any occasion!

Old World Recipes Re-invented. Champagne Chocolates in Mt Clemens, MI has a sweet experience for everyone. Whether you long for the silky smooth texture of a rich milk chocolate, appreciate the deep undertones and playful notes of a citrus-infused dark chocolate, or enjoy the hearty crunch of fresh, nutty toffee, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our handcrafted confections.

Our all natural chocolate creations begin with a classic recipe as rich as our history. Then we elevate it. We use fresh ingredients, purchased locally and per batch. Our fillings are flavored by nature itself - pure and unprocessed for a taste and texture experience unaltered by fillers or preservatives. The end result: love at first bite.

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By far the best toffee I've ever had; it's fresh, doesn't stick to your teeth like most - perfection.Amanda A.
This chocolate shop is awesome!! When you walk in the door the aroma of fresh chocolate & the staffs enthusiasm & love for what they do is infectious!!Ann Marie B.
I am honestly not a sweets person, but I cannot go a week without a Sea Salt Caramel truffle.Ryan S.
OMG! Best toffee on the planet. Love all the sweets. The Key Lime truffle is a favorite also.Sandy W.