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Barks, Clusters, Toffee and Truffles That'll Satisfy Your Every Taste Bud!

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Everyone is searching for that perfect, tasty, and delectable gift to wow their families and friends around the holidays. For others, people might be simply looking for a dessert to serve after a holiday meal or a snack to lay out around the house during a gathering.

We understand that people are busy arranging their travel schedules, picking their kids up from school, or simply shopping for gifts -- and we have a solution! Our online store features the tastiest desserts to ever reach the taste buds.

People say that the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. At Champagne Chocolates, we truly believe that this is the case. We have spent countless hours honing our craft and recipe to make sure that only the finest ingredients enter our products and the hands of our customers. We feature a variety of products that will meet anyone's needs.

A Modern Twist on Classically Timeless Treats

Our chocolate creations are unique in flavor and will awaken your taste buds. We combine a classic, handmade chocolate recipe with modern flavors to create a treat that you'll absolutely love. Our wide variety of chocolate options will cater to any occasion and make the perfect, thoughtful gift.

New Baltimore's Source for Handmade, Gourmet Chocolate Barks

Smooth and velvety, these sweet and crunchy treats encase fresh raw almonds, whole pecans, dried Traverse City cherries, raisins, dark chocolate chips, and Fleur de Sel salt. Can't decide on which add in? Try our Salty Trail Bark! It combines all of our favorite add-ins creating a sweet, savory, and crunchy festival of flavor that's perfectly satisfying and ideal for any occasion.

Delicious, Old-World Toffees

Every batch is carefully prepared with patience and persistence until it is rich, buttery, and perfectly crunchy. Our old-world toffees crumble, not crack, when bitten into. Toffee connoisseurs will appreciate it's delicateness as it melts away leaving the pallet with a hint of chocolate and no sticky residue. If you love that extra bit of crunch, our almond toffees are encased with a delicate blanket of fresh almond bits.

Turtles and Clusters

Traditional chocolate lovers will appreciate a gift of freshly made chocolate turtles. We start by breaking fresh pecans into crunchy bits, then we encase them in a blanket of rich and satisfying dark or milk chocolate. But, if your special someone prefers a savoring a little bittersweet treat, tempt him or her with our chocolate-kissed crystalized ginger or candied orange peels.

Milk and Dark Chocolate Truffles

All-Natural. Handmade. Delivered Right to Your Home.

Gourmet Toffee New Baltimore MI

You'll notice a different in quality and taste in our handmade chocolates versus what you'll get at any store. When you order from Champagne Chocolates, we guarantee that you'll receive a freshly made, hand molded chocolate that you'll sincerely enjoy.

While there are numerous options for Christmas gifts and dessert options, there are few products that can match both the convenience and the quality that comes with a gift from Champagne Chocolates; however, the only way to truly understand our toffee, cluster, and barks is to try out these delectable desserts for yourself.

We guarantee that no one will be disappointed with our wide array of desserts and designs available. See what everyone has been talking about and order a batch today!