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Gourmet Chocolates Royal Oak MI

Champagne Chocolates has been handcrafting traditional and gourmet chocolates in eastern Michigan for more than 25 years. Our decadent chocolates are made with no preservatives or artificial flavors, following a family recipe passed down through generations.

All of our chocolates are made fresh by hand and all in-house, giving our customers an authentic and delicious chocolate experience. As the second generation of chocolatiers, we are careful to preserve this tradition. We guarantee that you will taste the difference between our melt-in-your-mouth chocolate treats and regular store-bought chocolate.

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Gourmet Chocolates Available for Delivery in Royal Oak MI - Champagne Chocolates - Red-Velvet-Truffle2
Gourmet Chocolates Available for Delivery in Royal Oak MI - Champagne Chocolates - truffle

Our all natural chocolate creations begin with a classic recipe as rich as our history. Then we elevate it. We use fresh ingredients, purchased locally and per batch. Our fillings are flavored by nature itself - pure and unprocessed for a taste and texture experience unadultered by fillers or preservatives. The end result: love at first bite.

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Handmade Chocolates Royal Oak MI

Our chocolate creations are unique in flavor and will awaken your taste buds. We combine a classic, handmade chocolate recipe with modern flavors to create a treat that you'll absolutely love. Our wide variety of chocolate options will cater to any occasion and make the perfect, thoughtful gift.

Take a look through our online store and easily order your favorite selections. Our all natural chocolates will leave you wanting more once they're gone -- they are rich, buttery, and melt in your mouth. We believe there's nothing like the taste of fresh, fancy chocolates made from the heart!

Fruits & Nuts

Crunchy and salty fresh nuts make our nutty chocolates a healthier option when you're looking to satisfy that salty-sweet craving.

Simple and delicious, there are plenty of antioxidants to help you feel good about indulging in a handmade sweet treat!

Fresh fruit infusions make our fruit centers pop with flavor.

Nothing artificial. No preservatives. Just amazing flavor combinations like Mother Nature intended. If you need a little power snack, our nutty chocolates and barks use raw almonds, walnuts, and pecans for extra crunch and energy.

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There's no better way to say it than chocolate! Ask any chocolate lover. It doesn't matter if it's an assortment, truffles, barks, or toffee. If you say it with fresh, handmade chocolate from Champagne Chocolates, you said a mouthful! Send a box to your mom, your coworker, your special friend, or anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. A box of chocolates is the only gift guaranteed to be well received!

Whether you are looking for caramels, truffles, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate, our gourmet chocolates are the answer. Give your family, friends, and loved-ones something truly special and delectable with the gift of handmade chocolates!